SL Industries Announces Don Klein as President of TEAL, MTE

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Don Klein Named President of TEAL Electronics & MTE Corporation

SL Industries, Inc. (AMEX & PHLX: SLI) announced that Don Klein has been named President of TEAL Electronics, a San Diego electronics company that is part of SL Industries. Don will also become president of MTE Corporation, a Milwaukee electronics company that is also part of SL Industries. Don is an accomplished senior level executive with experience in Operations, Manufacturing and Finance. Don’s most recent experience includes helping Barksdale Controls, a designer and manufacturer of control products, grow from $75M to $150M in revenues. Prior to that Don held various senior level positions including Controller, Vice President of Finance, and General Manager for Artesyn Technologies, a $500M company that designs and manufactures power conversion products for the communications markets. Don’s array of experience includes 13 years of management in the power industry as well as running manufacturing facilities around the globe as Vice President of Operations.

Don’s broad goals for TEAL include driving global expansion and improving efficiencies. “I look forward to the opportunities that TEAL presents. TEAL has a history of success, and we don’t want to upset what is working. Our main challenges are to support our customer base where they are located, which is more and more in China and the Pacific Rim. And as we grow, we must improve our efficiencies to continually improve the bottom line” said Don.

ABOUT TEAL Electronics
TEAL Electronics is a provider of custom power subsystems for the technology sector, primarily serving the medical imaging, semiconductor production & testing, and defense/aerospace markets. For more information about TEAL Electronics and its products, please visit the Company’s web site at
MTE Corporation designs and manufactures power quality electromagnetic products used to protect equipment from power surges, bring harmonics into compliance and improve the efficiency of variable speed motor drives. MTE’s product lines include: three-phase AC reactors, DC link chokes and a series of harmonic, RFI/EMI and motor protection filters. These products are typically used in industrial plants and commercial buildings where non-linear loads and attendant harmonics produced by these loads are present. For more information about TEAL Electronics and its products, please visit the Company’s web site at
SL Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets Power and Data Quality equipment and systems for industrial, medical, aerospace and utility applications. For more information about SL Industries, Inc. and its products, please visit the Company’s web site at

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