TEAL Electronics receives the 2001 Athena Pinnacle Award!

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TEAL Electronics receives the 2001 Athena Pinnacle Award!

The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Connect Athena organization announced at their third annual Pinnacle Awards meeting on April 12, 2001 that TEAL Electronics has been awarded the Corporate Pinnacle Award.

The Athena Pinnacle Award recognizes women and men who support the Athena Vision: ATHENA fosters personal and professional change through inclusion, risk-taking, education, recognition, and diversity of thought, thereby enhancing competitiveness and opportunity in the San Diego business community.

Five companies were nominated for the Corporate Pinnacle Award:

  • Deloitte & Touche LLP NurLogic Design, Inc. Proflowers.com Silicon Space, Inc.
  • TEAL Electronics

Nominations for the Corporate Pinnacle Awards were judged based on the following criteria:

  • What has the company done to foster the personal and professional growth of women in its work force?
  • What is the current percentage of women in senior executive positions compared to 5 years ago, or since inception of the organization?
  • How does the company communicate its diversity philosophy to its employees?
  • To the general public?
  • How many of the top 20% of the company’s executives are women?
  • What employment options does the company offer? (flex-time, compressed work weeks, job sharing, telecommuting, part-time, family leave for both parents)
  • What percentage of employees takes advantage of each of these options?

TEAL Electronics was evaluated based on the following profile:

Women at TEAL grow personally and professionally, nurtured by TEAL’s culture and management practices. TEAL’s values encourage risk-taking and a decentralized management style based on working toward an explicit, shared vision. TEAL’s staff of six senior managers has evolved from 17 percent women in 1995 to 50 percent women in 2000. This is substantially higher than average for the electronics industry, which has historically been dominated by men.

Specific initiatives have been taken by the company to ensure that females are not only hired, but retained. An illustration of success toward this goal was TEAL’s selection as the 1999 winner of the “Best Place to Work” award given by Ken Blanchard Training and theSan Diego Business Journal.

A specific example of increasing opportunities for women was the redesign of a job in TEAL’s magnetics area, which was formerly held only by men because of the physical strength required. The work team figured out how to eliminate heavy lifting requirements, and women now successfully perform this job.

Employees are offered many benefits, such as flexible scheduling in many positions. TEAL provides its employees with an Employee Assistance Program, fitness club membership subsidy, life and disability insurance, paid employee health insurance and flexible spending plans for dependent care and health care expenses.
TEAL Electronics is the leading provider of custom power subsystems for the technology sector, primarily serving the medical imaging and semiconductor production/testing markets. Its mission is to help customers make products that are more competitive and reliable by engineering and manufacturing innovative custom power solutions.

TEAL Electronics – We Power Technology

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