Global Operations

TEAL’s Global Operations:

Quality assurance and fastest lead times in the industry.
Dividends of advanced manufacturing, testing, and certification.

TEAL boasts an exemplary performance record. We build power subsystems that are dependable and durable. We back each of them with an industry leading warranty. And we meet our commitments to our customers. All this is achieved by taking advantage of the latest proven methodologies and technologies.

  • globe ISO 9001:2008 registered quality system — One of several key initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to products that perform as promised.
  • Manufacturing pull lines — TEAL relies on these to ensure quality, repeatability, and shorter lead times. Each assembler pulls a completed portion of an assembly double-checking quality, then adding the next stage of construction.
  • MRPII/ERP system — Efforts here help us to measure efficiency, level capacity, and shorten lead times. In conjunction, we have implemented Just in Time (JIT) deliveries and kanban methods of partnering with key suppliers.
  • On-line documentation system — A unique blend of high-resolution cameras, image database software, digital video equipment, document authoring software, and PC-based viewing equipment. Assemblers can easily access complex documents organized into virtual folders containing short videos, annotated color photos, and drawings. They can see exactly what finished products are supposed to look like, which dramatically reduces errors while increasing repeatability.
  • Accelerated testing and certification — TEAL is experienced and fully qualified to gain the necessary approvals from all the global standards bodies and safety agencies, including UL, ETL, IEC, CE, CSA, DEMKO, and TUV. Approval the first time, without the need for costly redesign, is all part of the turn-key capabilities we offer.

With operations in the US, Mexico, and China, TEAL has been able to improve our performance to our customer base, and reduce our costs at the same time. No easy feat!

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