How to Specify a TEAL Power Subsystem

TEAL specializes in the design and manufacture of custom power subsystems. Our objective is to provide our customers with a product that meets all of their requirements and specifications for a competive price. We typically work very closely with our customers in specifying a custom power subsystem, and their are usually some basic requirements that almost always need to be specified by the customer.

Please find below a list of the most common specification requirements that need to be understood to design a custom power subsystem (although your specific requirements may vary):

Model Number: Usually customer specified for Purchase Order and delivery reference.

Input Voltage: What specific input voltages are required (ie 120VAC, 400VAC, 480VAC, etc) as well as 1-phase, 3-phase WYE, or 3-phase Delta. Price increases with complexity.

Frequency: Typically 50Hz, 60Hz, or 50/60Hz. Price is higher for 50Hz since it requires more material for an equivalent 60Hz power transformer.

Main Output: Typically specified with voltage or voltages (for mulitple outputs), including 1-phase or 3-phase WYE (5-wire) or Delta (4-wire), also including continuous or peak current requirements, which in turn determines power requirements.

60Hz Impedance: Typically referred to < X.X Ohms Line-Neutral. Lower Impedance equals higher peak current draw capabiltiy, higher performance, and higher cost.

Load Regulation: Determines the voltage “droop” that can occur with a very high current draw. Lower Load Regulation % equals higher peak current draw capabiltiy, higher performance, and higher cost. Typically specified as a % of the nomimal line voltage

Input Protection: Typically specified as a Programmable Circuit Breaker or equivalent device. Limits the amount of current, and consequently the power, that can be drawn from the AC mains. Higher power is typically higher cost.

Controls: Any custom or specific controls for the power subsystem, such as a shunt-trip control of input Circuit Breaker, etc. Typical interface connections are terminal blocks.

Audible Noise: TEAL’s AC power subsystems are the quietest in the industry, typically less than 50dB (A) audible noise measured at 1 meter. Your spec may vary.

Agency Approvals: What US or International standards does your power subsystem need to be designed or certified to? TEAL typically designs to UL standard, but we can design and certify to any applicable international standard. More standards equal higher cost.

Physical Size: TEAL can optimize your design for footprint, height, volume, or work with you to fit specific available space. Weight limitations or requirements can also be specified.

For an example of a completed power specification, click here.