New Product Development Process

TEAL leads the industry in leadtime and quality for new product development for custom power subsystems.interesting image

With over 20 years experience in the industry and our specialized design tools, including 3-D virtual design, WebEx interactive internet based design reviews, and electronic online production documentation system, TEAL will continue to be the industry leader in custom power subsystem design.

The typical major steps that occur for a custom power subsystem design process include:

1. Specification received from customer.

2. TEAL converts customer specification to engineering design.

3. Design review with customer, either face to face or over the internet using WebEx for interactive design review that allows participants from around the world to interact and view our 3-D designs.

4. Customer specification finalization for prototype build.

5. Engineering design finalized for prototype build. 3-D virtual prototype

6. Prototype group builds first prototype.

7. Customer evaluation of prototype.

8. Final spec/design tweaks or modifications.

9. Pre-production product build within the prototype group.

10. Design documents finalized into production documents and released to production.

This process can vary depending on the customer, specification, or design complexity. TEAL’s new product development process is just one of our processes governed by ISO 9001:2008.

At TEAL, we specialize in custom power subsystem design. Custom power subsystems are all that we do.

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