Site Preparation

TEAL has helped save several major medical equipment manufacturers and their customer’s time and money by providing a proprietary power system optimized for specific applications. TEAL’s “Site Prep in a Box” is an innovative power system that provides the required power transformation, power distribution and power protection options required for any site.

Simplify your equipment installation with Site-Prep-in-a-Box, TEAL’s power subsystem solution that incorporates all the custom power requirements of your equipment. You will have fewer pieces of equipment to install and connect thanks to built-in voltage conversion, distribution, and circuit protection, reducing your room or site installation costs.

Simply bring a single AC power mains to the TEAL Power Distribution Unit (PDU), and let the PDU convert, distribute, and protect all of the components that make up your system. The TEAL Site-Prep-in-a-Box is a custom designed PDU that is designed to power a specific system and can incorporate any of the standard types of components that TEAL includes in our power subsystems.

TEAL Site-Prep-in-a-box can include any number of TEAL’s standard
components to reduce the cost of installation your system.