Supply Chain Optimization

Quality assurance and fastest lead times in the industry.
Dividends of advanced manufacturing, testing, and certification.
Only possible with an active Supply Chain Optimization program

TEAL boasts an exemplary performance record. We build power subsystems that are dependable and durable. We back each of them with an industry leading warranty. And we meet our commitments to our customers. All this is achieved by taking advantage of the latest proven methodologies and technologies. None of this would be possible without the committment and dedication of our partners throughout the supply chain.

TEAL partners with our key suppliers, and in turn rely on them to assist TEAL in meeting exceeding our customer’s expectations. We work hard to establish trusted partnerships through our Supply Chain Optimization program. We all share the risks, and we all benefit from the relationships.


The primary efforts in the Supply Chain Optimization program are:

  • In conjunction with our metrics to measure efficiency, level supply chain capacity, and shorten lead times, we have implemented Just in Time (JIT) deliveries and kanban methods of partnering with key suppliers.
  • We have established Low Cost Country (LCC) and offshore manufacturing partners to help drive down material and labor costs throughout the supply chain.
  • With operations in the US, Mexico, and China, TEAL has been able to improve our performance to our customer base, and reduce our costs at the same time. No easy feat!

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