Defense/Aerospace products now available from TEAL – TEAL is pleased to announce the launch of several new products designed specifically for the Defense & Aerospace markets. The new power conditioning product families include:

SimPWR – Modular Power Distribution & Control Systems for Full Flight Simulators.
BoostBridge® – Batteryless UPS products using Ultracapacitors.
GATEKEEPER™ – Rack Mount AC products.
Global-GUARDIAN® – Transportable (2-person lift Regulated AC products.
PowerHinge® – Rack Mount AC & DC products.


A TEAL power subsystem.
As many capabilities as you need, or as few…

These are just a few of the types of power related problems that TEAL products can help solve for you and your application. That is why TEAL defines a typical subsystem as the precise mix of components (listed below) required to meet each customer’s highly specific needs. These components represent strategic parameters of power quality. Thanks to a totally modular system design capability, TEAL can design and build you a power subsystem solution comprised of any or all of them.

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