Isolation Transformer

An Isolation transformer is the best way to establish a new neutral-ground bond, in order to correct common mode and other grounding problems. A transformer can provide conversion of a Delta system (3 wire) to a Wye connected (4 wire) system. The addition of an electrostatic shield adds further protection from some high frequency impulses and noise that might otherwise pass through the transformer via the inter-winding capacitance.

A shielded isolation transformer provides excellent protection from all types of N-G disturbances (impulses, RMS voltage, and high frequency noise). It is critical that the transformer be grounded properly or common mode protection will be ineffective.

TEAL designs and manufacturers the highest quality isolation transformers available, and we take great care to provide the highest levels of isolation, highest quality neutral-ground bond for the best single point ground available, the highest level of common-mode noise rejection, and conversion from Delta to Wye. The TEAL transformer designs are also custom designed for specific power and voltages for your system, and provide easy to change voltage taps.

TEAL also designs and manufactures the TEALtran™ Isolation Transformer for high peak power applications.

Three phase isolation transformer with TEALtap™ taps

Photo of TEAL PDU showing 3-phase isolation transformer and TEALtap™
taps for quick and easy voltage tap adjustment in the field. Simply remove
a cover panel and move the bolt-on jumpers to change taps (after safely
removing power to the unit of course). Typical tap change takes less than
20 minutes.

Close up of TEALtap™ tap loops

Close up view from above of the TEALtap™ 3-phase isolation transformer
loop taps for quick and easy voltage tap adjustment.