Whitepaper #03: Just What Does TEAL Do?

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TEAL Electronics – We Power Technology™


TEAL’s Mission:
To help our customers make their products more competitive and reliable by
engineering and manufacturing innovative custom power subsystems.


TEAL Electronics specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom power subsystems for Original Equipment Manufacturers of systems that typically require high power and also contain sensitive electronics such as computer control or imaging systems.


TEAL Electronics was founded in 1985 as a manufacturer of isolation transformer based power-conditioning equipment. Isolation transformers are useful devices that help to separate, or isolate, the customer’s equipment from the AC power mains. The isolation is important to keep electrical noise out of equipment, which may otherwise be damaged or disrupted. The typical TEAL product sits between the AC mains (the source of noisy or dirty power) and the customer’s equipment, cleaning up the power and converting the voltages for the customer. Electrical noise is becoming more important every day with the ever-increasing abundance of electrical appliances and devices that generate electrical noise.


Large 3-Phase Isolation Transformer (bottom) and small 1-Phase Isolation Transformer (top).

From the roots of supplying isolation transformers, TEAL quickly found a niche market serving the unique needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with custom AC power subsystem designs. AC power subsystems typically consist of one or more of the following components:

  • A clean single-point low impedance ground to connect all of your equipment.
  • An isolation transformer to isolate the line (AC mains) from the load (the customer’s equipment), and to filter out the common-mode electrical noise picked up from nearby equipment.
  • A high energy low-pass filter to filter out high-frequency transients such as electrical noise created by a switch-mode power supply or X-Ray generator.
  • A surge-suppressor to help suppress the larger transients created from events such as nearby lightning strikes.
  • Voltage conversion to either step-up or step-down the mains voltage to adapt local voltage to the customer’s equipment requirement.
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Power Monitoring
  • Integrated UPS
  • Circuit Protection

By outsourcing non-core technologies such as power subsystems and power-management to TEAL, the OEMs are able to focus on their main product, enabling them to quickly react to the constantly changing market by focusing their limited resources in the most critical areas.TEAL Electronics designs and manufactures custom power subsystems for a wide variety of customers and markets. Many of TEAL Electronics’ customers are the market leaders in their industries, and they develop and deploy state-of-the-art electronics systems around the world. Some examples of these markets are Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test, Medical Imaging, Information Technology/Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, Digital Printing and Graphics.

TEAL’s customer’s equipment is installed all over the globe, in a variety of electrical environments. These customers rely on TEAL power subsystems to isolate their state-of-the-art electronics from damaging electrical transients, convert differing world input voltages to a standard system voltage, and distribute clean and reliable AC and DC power to their equipment.

A variety of TEAL power subsystem products, from small shoebox size units for Chevron stations (far right), to 4 ft. tall units for Philips Medical (far left)

The specific products and services that TEAL typically provides to our customer base include the design, certification (agency approval), and manufacture of:

  • Custom & Semicustom Power Subsystems
  • Custom & Semicustom Power Conditioning Systems
  • Custom & Semicustom Power Distribution Systems
  • Overall Power Quality Systems

Each of the above include one or more of the following features:

  • Ultra Low Impedance Isolation Transformers – TEAL’s patented isolation transformer technology designed for high power loads enables high peak current to be delivered to the load with minimal voltage drop while virtually eliminating common mode noise.
  • World Input Voltage Capability – Enables the identical customer equipment to be used virtually anywhere in the world from 200VAC to 600VAC.
  • Power Conditioning – Patented and Patent-Pending High Energy Filtering and Surge Suppression circuitry that improve the quality of the power and protects valuable equipment.
  • Power Distribution – Multiple output voltage capability allows all the equipment within the customer’s system to be operated from a single power source.
  • Enhanced Grounding – Clean single point ground to eliminate ground loops.
  • Voltage Regulation – Ultra high reliability AC line regulation provides stable output voltage to sensitive equipment even if the voltage mains fluctuate.
  • Regulated Bulk DC – High power DC voltage output for DC distribution.
  • Power Controls – Various controls and emergency shut-off circuitry as part of a power subsystem to control the flow of power.
  • Integrated UPS – Fully integrated UPS systems as part of the power subsystem for the most critical loads only.
  • Power Monitoring – Internet based embedded power monitoring for 24×7 access from anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, the standard TEAL lead-time for custom designs, from concept to prototype delivery, is 8 weeks and the lead-time for production units is typically 2.5 weeks, both of which lead the industry.

TEAL Electronics – We Power Technology™

What does TEAL do? (PDF)

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